Clenergy, Australia’s leading provider of solar PV mounting solutions

Clenergy Australia was founded in 2004 and has grown quickly to become a leader in Australia’s solar PV industry. The company’s PV-ezRack Mounting Systems have become the premier brand for their product range in Australia. Clenergy’s success is grounded in its highly competitive products, high standards of quality control, excellent customer satisfaction and its innovative R&D capacity.

Clenergy has successfully launched in Australia its SPH grid connected inverters, SPS three-phase grid-connected inverters and PV-ezRack Mounting System. The PV-ezRack mounting systems include 6 series and more than 30 different product types. Clenergy’s products address the needs of residential, corporate and utility scale customers in Australia.

Featuring great compatibility and ease of installation, the PV-ezRack Mounting Systems are recognised as innovative and leading solutions across all categories. The products have been widely applied in multiple PV power projects in Australia. The team has built a stellar reputation among local integrators, utility companies, major distributors and reseller. Clenergy’s SPH grid connected inverters landed a high-volume contract with Australia’s largest power company shortly after debuting in 2010.

These successes have been built around Clenergy’s three-pronged commitment to innovation, quality and service.

To ensure products of high quality, Clenergy works closely with local authorities, international laboratories, and industry associations to ensure that each and every product meets all the standards that are currently in place. No product is released before undergoing a rigorous process of design, testing and accreditation. Clenergy’s meticulous attention to detail makes its products a benchmark in mounting systems and inverters.

To guarantee high customer satisfaction, Clenergy works closely with its clients to provide assistance and advice on the solutions most appropriate to their needs. Clenergy’s local teams of product managers and technical staff work with our logistics and administration groups to create a support structure that ensures an optimal outcome regardless of the complexity of the project.

RF Industries, one of the largest distributors in Australia, recently assessed Clenergy’s performance in terms of delivery, product quality and service, giving the company a 97% rating. RF Industries gave Clenergy perfect scores for the quality of its products and for its level of service.

While Clenergy is justly proud of its assessed performance, the team is confident in its ability to earn a perfect score across all categories in subsequent reviews. Clenergy’s stellar rating is indicative of our customer satisfaction rates and vindicates our attention to quality, service and innovation.


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