Chint Anneng Signs 1623MW Distributed Rooftop PV Projects in 4 Provinces of China

PVTIME – On March 21, Zhejiang Chint Electrics Co., Ltd.(601877.SH) announced that Zhejiang Chint Anneng Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Chint Group, has signed a series of Cooperation Framework Agreements for distributed rooftop photovoltaic projects in different regions of China, with a total estimated power generation capacity of 1,623MW.

According to the announcement, these distributed solar power systems are planned to set up on the rooftops in the counties or cities of Hebei Province, Shandong Province, Henan Province and Shanxi Province, China. And these Agreements were signed by Chint Anneng and the local People’s Governments respectively to achieve the “Rural Revitalization”and “Common Prosperity” in the field of power supply with renewable energy as well as achieving the Dual-Carbon Goals in China.

Chint Anneng stated that these distributed rooftop PV projects are expected to promote its photovoltaic and related businesses, thus is in line with its long-term development goal.