Chinese Foreign Ministry Comments on EU Investigation Into Solar PV in China

PVTIME – On 10 April 2024, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning responded to the EU’s inquiry into Chinese renewable energy products, including solar PV, electric vehicles and wind turbines.

At the regular press briefing, Agence France-Press asked what’s China’s response to the EU’s announcement of an investigation into Chinese wind turbine suppliers in Europe on 10 April 2024. Several suppliers allegedly have accepted unfair subsidies and other forms of support from the Chinese government. The EU has previously announced investigations into solar PV, electric vehicles and other sectors in China.

Mao Ning, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said: Many in the world are deeply unsettled by the EU’s rising protectionist tendency. China is highly concerned over the EU’s discriminatory actions against Chinese companies and even the entire industries. China’s new energy sectors’ development is a result of our strong technology, robust market and full-fledged industrial chains. China’s exports of related products contributed significantly to the global response to inflation and climate change. 

She added that China hopes the EU will not keep stressing the importance of fighting climate change on the one hand and yet damage the global efforts to deal with the issue on the other. Protectionism does not solve one’s own problems. Protectionism only protects backwardness. It costs the future and results in lose-lose. China urge the EU to observe WTO rules and market principles. China will firmly protect the lawful rights and interests of Chinese companies.

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