10GW! Longyuan Power to Launch Clean Energy Projects with Huge Amount of Capacity in 2024

PVTIME – China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited (Longyuan Power, 001289.SZ, 00916.HK), a subsidiary of CHN Energy mainly engaged in power sales business, announced its performance in 2023 and its plan for 2024.

In 2023, Longyuan Power added 4509.83 MW of installed power capacity, of which 1,562.55 MW was wind power and 2,947.28 MW was photovoltaic power. By the end of 2023, its cumulative installed power capacity was 35,593.67 MW, of which 27,754.39 MW was wind power, 1,875.00 MW was thermal power, and 5,964.28 MW was renewable energy including photovoltaic.

Meanwhile, its power generation capacity was 76,225,816 MWh, up by 7.92% year on year, of which 6,135,296,968 MWh was generated by wind power, up by 5.22% year on year, 1,031,979,796 MWh by thermal power, down by 2.39% year on year, and 4,550,052 MWh by photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources, up by 159.83% year on year.

In 2023, Longyuan Power signed 54 GW of new projects, all located in areas with good resources. Its annual development target exceeded 22.75 GW, including 19.84 GW of renewable energy (5.07 GW of wind power, 14.77 GW of photovoltaic), 2.38 GW of pumped storage, 0.53 GW of independent energy storage.

In 2024, Longyuan Power will focus on security and stability, large-scale project development, digital technology and technological innovation, and plan to launch a serious of clean energy projects with a capacity of more than 10GW, of which 7.5GW will be operational.

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