A Second CSA-UL Certificate to Samil Power

Samil Power, a leading provider of PV solutions for grid-tied inverters announces that it has awarded CSA certification for the second time.
SolarRiver 3000TL/4000TL/5000TL/6000TL from Samil Power previously demonstrated the achievement of CSA-UL certificate. This time, however, SolarRiver 10000TL-US, SolarRiver 9000TL-US, SolarRiver 8000TL-US, and SolarRiver 7000TL-US award such honor, which therefore indicates that all SolarRiver-US series inverters from Samil Power heading for U.S. market have won this certificate so far. They are ideal for residential and commercial projects.
SolarRiver series is crowned to be golden products in Samil Power. Especially designed for small-scale PV station, this series enjoy technical features such as multi-lingual display, transformerless H6 topology, automatic protection including over voltage, islanding, short circuit, overload and overheating, etc.


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