7.688 Billion Yuan! Guangdong No.2 Hydropower to Launch PV and Energy Storage Projects in Two Counties of China

PVTIME – Guangdong No.2 Hydropower Engineering Company, Ltd. (002060.SZ) disclosed that it and its subsidiaries intend to invest in photovoltaic power generation and supporting energy storage projects in Marabishi County and Awat County of China respectively, with an estimated total investment of 7.688 billion yuan.

The company stated on September 6 that one of its wholly-owned subsidiary in Marabishi County plans to build 800,000 kilowatt market-oriented photovoltaic power generation project and 200,000 kW/800,000 kWh supporting energy storage projects in that region, with a total investment of 5.196 billion yuan (working capital included).

Another project which will be located in Awat County was disclosed by the company on the same day as well. The project aims to construct market-oriented solar power generation and energy storage (400MW) project in that region, with an estimated investment of 2.492 billion yuan (working capital included), which will be initiated by its Awat subsidiary.