26.61%! Yingfa Solar Claims New High Efficiency on N-type TOPCon Cell

PVTIME - On 16 January 2024, Anhui Yingfa Ruineng Technology Co., Ltd. (Yingfa Solar), a subsidiary of Yingfa Group and a solar cell supplier, developer and manufacturer, has claimed a new conversion efficiency record of 26.61% for its n-type TOPCon bifacial solar cell, which has been independently confirmed by the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, an authorized laboratory for testing photovoltaic cells and modules according to IEC standards.

The new conversion efficiency of 26.61% is a major breakthrough for Yingfa's TOPCon cell technology in one month from the previous record and keeps it in the leading position in the industry. Yingfa Solar will continue to invest in R&D innovation and mass production capabilities, and accelerate the upgrade to advanced n-type solar cells.

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