25.31%! JP Solar Breaks HJT Mass Produced Cell Conversion Efficiency

PVTIME – JP Solar Power (Fujian) Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “JP Solar”) announced that the conversion efficiency for heterojunction cells mass produced by its R&D Department has reached 25.31%, setting a record for the conversion efficiency of mass production heterojunction cells. The results have been tested and certified by TUV Nord.

JP Solar stated that the record conversion efficiency benefited from the stable and continuous process improvements of its entire production line. The company also said there is still a lot of room for improvement as it will look to create more technological breakthroughs in terms of cell structure optimization, the replacement of new materials, and the upgrade of production equipment. JP Solar’s HJT heterojunction cell production line utilizes equipment provided by Gold Stone (Fujian) Energy Company Limited, one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to engage in the research and development of heterojunction technology and equipment.

JP Solar was founded in 2017, with new energy as the core industry, specializing in the new generation of HDT efficient solar cell technology research and development, product manufacturing, sales and comprehensive services, and is headquartered in Putian City, Fujian Province. JP Solar’s HDT high efficiency solar cell project has a total investment of 12.5 billion Yuan. After the completion of the project, the production capacity will reach 5GW and it will become the world’s largest high efficiency heterojunction solar cell production base. Up to now, the project invested 2.5 billion Yuan in the first phase of the company has reached the production capacity of 1GW, with an average conversion efficiency of over 24%.