24.63% – New Heterojunction Solar Cell Efficiency Record Certified

CHANGCHUN, CHINA, February. 4, 2019 /PVTIME/ – 2020 gets off to a flying start with a new heterojunction solar cell efficiency record certified of 24.63% total area on M2 wafer.

This first in class and outstanding milestone was achieved in partnership between CEA, INES and Enel Green Power. This result is exciting not only for the efficiency figures but also because it was obtained using standard PECVD and PVD layers on Meyer Burger equipment combined with busbarless screen printing metallization. Process is fully compatible with the very high throughputs required by this highly competitive industry.

The team is now focusing towards two main objectives: obtaining these same results in the Enel GreenPower fab in Catania and reaching 25% efficiency and more.