209.2 Million Yuan! AIKO to Buy Solar Cell Production Equipment

PVTIME – On 5 August 2023, Shanghai Aiko Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (AIKO)(600732.SH), an enterprise that develops, produces, and sells solar cells has released a statement about an Equipment Procurement Contract signed by Zhuhai Max Automation System Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Aiko, a subsidiary of Shanghai Aiko. The contract aims to supply equipment for Aiko’s solar cell manufacturing.

As per the contract, Zhejiang Aiko will buy 30 sets of equipment from Zhuhai Max for the production of ABC solar cells with a production capacity of 15GW in their Yiwu City production base in Zhejiang Province. The total contract value is 209.2 million yuan.

AIKO stated that the machines purchased this time are different from the ones previously ordered from Zhuhai Max. These machines will be suitable for the environment in Yiwu City and the production requirements of ABC solar cells.

In September 2022, Zhuhai Fushan Aiko, a subsidiary of Shanghai Aiko, purchased 36 sets of photovoltaic coating machines from Zhuhai Max for solar cell production with a total contract value of 451.8 million yuan. In March 2022, they purchased 16 sets of equipment for solar cell production from Zhuhai Max with a total contract value of 86.08 million yuan.

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