18.04%! GCL Perovskite Hits High Conversion Efficiency on Single-junction Perovskite Modules (1,000mmx2,000mm)

PVTIME – Kunshan GCL Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. (GCL Perovskite), a subsidiary of GCL Tech, is presently the sole technology company worldwide that develops and produces commercial modules possessing a uniformly high single-junction photoelectric conversion efficiency in excess of 16.02%. The company has announced that it was able to attain a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 18.04% on a perovskite single-junction solar module, with dimensions measuring 1,000mm by 2,000mm, as was officially tested by the China National Institute of Metrology with a test report to confirm the results.

GCL Perovskite team is delighted to have achieved its objective of exceeding the anticipated conversion efficiency of 18% for standard-sized perovskite modules, and the team will now focus on conducting research and development for the next-generation perovskite tandem modules.

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