1.248 Billion Yuan! Hainan Holdings to Launch 200MW Affordable PV Project in Hainan Province of China

PVTIME – Hainan Holdings Energy Co, Ltd, a China-based company mainly engaged in power generation, announced on 13 March 2023 that one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries will invest in a 200MW photovoltaic power plant project in Hainan Province, China.

The project will be located in Yinggehai Salt Farm Nachao Lake, about 6km from the coast on the west side, where is rich in solar resources with an average solar irradiation of 6,426 MJ/m2 and is suitable for PV power plant development.

According to the announcement, the approval of the two phases of 100MW each was confirmed in November 2022. And about 620 million yuan will be invested in the first phase, while about 627 million yuan will be invested in the second phase.

It is expected to expand the installed capacity of the company’s photovoltaic power generation business. And the company aims to promote the development of clean energy for the region to meet the low-carbon target with affordable solar power projects.