The Largest All-Vanadium Redox Battery Photovoltaic Energy Storage Project in China Connected to the Grid

PVTIME – On December 23, Phase I (7.5MWh) of ESJ Electric’s all-vanadium redox battery (VRB) energy storage power station in Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang successfully completed grid connection.

Built inside of Guangdong Hydropower’s No.2 photovoltaic power station in Awat County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, the total planned investment of the project was 136 million yuan. The station adopts all-vanadium redox battery energy storage products developed with the independent intellectual property rights of ESJ Electric. The cycle life of the VFB is 15000 times and its battery design life is greater than 20 years. The whole system is environment-friendly, and it is the safest battery type among all electrochemical batteries.

This project is among Xinjiang Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission’s first batch of solar plus energy storage system demonstrative projects. It is the only MW-class all-vanadium redox battery energy storage project in Xinjiang and the largest photovoltaic all-vanadium redox battery energy storage project in China. After the completion of this project, it will operate in conjunction with the NO.2 photovoltaic power station to smooth photovoltaic output, participate in regional power grid peak shaving, frequency modulation, grid demand response, and other power market auxiliary services, so as to improve the reliability and stability of the power grid and reduce curtailment.