Znshine 20MW PV project in Markit has been approved

NDRC in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region approved Znshine of Jiangsu carrying out the preliminary work of the 20MW PV project in Markit, marking Znshine entering a new stage in PV project.
It is reported that Znshine 20MW PV project is located in the industrial park to the east of Kashgar, and the total capacity of the project plan is 200MW, the first stage accounting to 20MW, all using polysilicon 235W module.

Developing solar energy is to the development direction of energy industry. Markit is rich in solar energy, and is suitable for constructing large PV power station. The first stage can make the best of 800-mu wasteland. It can promote energy conservation technology progress, meet energy requirements, promote economies, and at the same time benefit the environment.


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