Zhongli Talesun PV modules successfully passed salt mist, ammonia corrosion and PID test

Zhongli Talesun Solar Co., Ltd( “Zhongli Talesun” or “Talesun”), the first Chinese solar company awarded the“Quality Tested Certificate” by VDE, recently announced that theirphotovoltaic modules series (containing TP672M/P, TP660M/P, TP596M and TP572M ) have successfully passed the salt mist, ammonia corrosion test and the PID testat 85 degrees Celsiusby TUV Rheinland.It makes Talesunone of the few module manufacturers who have passed these tests in TUV Rheinland.

The salt mist corrosion test under IEC61701 level 6 and the ammonia corrosion test according to IEC62716 ED 1 Draft B were conducted by TUV Rheinland on the modules sent by Talesun. All test samples fulfill the standard requirements with respect to the power output, grounding continuity, wet leakage current, insulation resistance, etc. The test results demonstrated that Talesun’s modules could be installed safely and maintain performance even in special areas, such as coastal, lands with high saline and farming areas.

Additionally, Talesun also applied to the PID (Potential Induced Degradation) test to ensure the module performance. PIDis a kind of phenomenon caused by high voltage potential, which may induce power degradation and lower performance of PV modules. It couldimpose the negative influence to the yield capacity and power output of system. The worse will cause degradation of output power exceed 50%. Now this issue has been concerned by more and more buyers and module manufacturers in the field.

In general, there are three different kinds of test conditions applied for PID test:
1) To expose the modules in 1000V of bias voltage under the condition of air temperature for 96h;
2)To expose the modules in 1000V of bias voltage under the condition of 60C/85% relative humidity for 168h;
3) To expose the modules in 1000V of bias voltage under the condition of 85C/85% relative humidity for 96h.

The third one is considered to be the most severe condition of the PID test. It is worthy to emphasize that Talesun’s modules not only passed thissevere condition of the PID test. But prior to that, the same modules have passed another PID test in the above first method. Obviously thetest strength has significantly increased compared to standards. The good performance of Talesun modules was also appreciated by engineers from TUV Rheinland.

David Chen, Vice President of Zhongli Talesun, stated that “The tests proved Talesun modules’excellent performance and reliability. Guided by the developing principle “quality oriented, look ahead”, Talesun will keep this advantage and continue to provide our clients with products with premium quality. ”


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