Zhonghuan Semiconductor Raises Its Wafer Prices Across the Board

PVTIME – Today, wafer manufacturer Zhonghuan Semiconductor issued its latest product prices for the month of August where prices across the board have gone up.

Zhonghuan Semiconductor P-type Monocrystalline Wafer Prices for August 2021
Announcement DateWafer ThicknessG12 (yuan)M6
August 11, 2021170μm7.9704.9804.880
August 11, 2021165μm7.8904.9304.830
August 11, 2021160μm7.8104.8804.780

Compared to last month, the price for its G12 (210mm) wafers rose by 0.44 yuan to 7.97 yuan per piece. The price of its G1 (158.75) wafers rose by 0.26 yuan to 4.88 yuan per piece. The price of Zhonghuan’s M6 (166mm) wafers increased by 0.44 yuan to 4.98 yuan per piece.


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