Xiuqiang Glasswork to Raise ¥248 Million for BIPV Module Project

PVTIME – On March 4, Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork Co., Ltd. (300160.SZ), one of the biggest manufacturers for processing glass in China, announced that it intends to raise a fund of 248 million yuan for BIPV module production project.

This new BIPV module production line will be built on the basis of the company’s original double-sided glass processing advantages, and a BIPV production capacity of 500MW/year is expected to be added upon completion of the project.

Xiuqiang Glasswork has been deeply involved in the glass processing industry for 20 years. After years of continuous R&D investment, a series of mature technologies have been accumulated and innovated in the fields of household and photovoltaic glass. The new project is expected to meet the needs of the downstream market and allow the company to take the lead in the highly competitive BIPV industry in the future, further enhance the company’s industry status, and increase the income and profit for the company.