WIRSOL extends Presence in Southeast Asia

Lumpur, July 31th, 2012 – With a new subsidiary in Malaysia, WIRSOL SOLAR AG increases its visibility on the growing Asian markets. From now on, the solar project developer from the German state of Baden-Württemberg is going to supervise all its projects from Kuala Lumpur.

“We are increasing our involvement in Asia with the new location in Kuala Lumpur in order to be closer to our clients,” explains WIRSOL co-founder and member of the executive board Stefan Riel, who has moved with his family to China in 2011. “In the past ten years, we were able to gain valuable experiences on an international level. Not least because of that is our engineering very sought after on the Southeast Asian market.”

With an above-average solar radiation and a feed-in tariff for solar power, which has been passed similar to the German model in 2011, Malaysia offers attractive conditions for projects within the field of photovoltaics.

For the next four years, WIRSOL has planned several large-scale solar projects in Malaysia. The newly founded WIRSOL SouthEastAsia Sdn. Bhd. is already in negotiations in further countries of the region.

Energy supply and environmental protection present new challenges for the dynamic Southeast Asian economies with their rapidly growing metropolises.

“Kuala Lumpur marks the ideal starting point for our business in Southeast Asia,” says Dr. Gabriel Peter Salgo, President of WIRSOL SEA. “Also in Malaysia itself, there is an awareness of the necessity of setting the course for ecologically sound power generation from a very early point on.”

Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur, Photo: Dr. Thomas Walter

In the fast-paced mega cities, foremost solid buildings such as universities and factories with large rooftop areas offer suitable space for solar plants. “We already work on the practical implementation with a Malaysian university,” explains Dr. Thomas Walter, Managing Director of WIRSOL Asia Pacific (APAC). At present, the Universiti Malaysia Perlis tries to raise awareness among its students for the issue of renewable energies with its “Green Campus Initiative.” A photovoltaic installation is another important part of the campaign.

About WIRSOL: WIRSOL is an internationally leading solar energy provider and specialized in the planning, financing, construction and maintenance of solar power plants of any size. Pioneering the field of renewable energies, WIRSOL combines classic German engineering with custom-made financial solutions.

Company offices are located in Germany (HQ), Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, USA, China, Malaysia and the Maldives.


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