Wang Bohua ( Honorary Chairman of CPIA ): Two Major Trends for the PV Industry

PVTIME – Wang Bohua, Honorary Chairman of China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), introduced the development of photovoltaic industry in China, and made predictions for the industry, at the 2022 Photovoltaic New Era forum held recently.

Wang Bohua stated that the output of polysilicon, silicon wafer, cells and components increased more than 45% in the first half of 2022, compared with that in precious year. The new installed capacity was 44.47GW in the first eight months of 2022. And the total export volume of photovoltaic products reached 35.77 billion US dollars, while the export volume of solar modules exceeded 100GW in the first eight months of 2022.

Then two major trends for the PV industry were introduced.

The global solar power generation remains huge space for development, he said. PV will account for 29% of global power generation by 2050 under the 1.5 ° C scenario according to IRENA, and IEA predicted that more than 30% of power generation has to be solar by 2050 in a carbon net emission scenario. As for China, the planned PV installed capacity in 26 provinces under the 14th Five-year Plan is more than 406.55GW according to public data, and 355.5GW of solar power will be added in the next four years.

Moreover, diversified supply chain leads to expansion. As we know, the United States, the European Union, India and many counties are vigorously promoting their solar energy industry. The companies in China would like to expansion as well. From early 2021 to June 2022, more than 300 solar expansion projects were launched in China,

There are many opportunities and challenges for the development of PV industry, Wang Bohua pointed. The full industry chain projects could indeed decrease the cost while increasing the profit and ensuring the supply, yet many uncertain risks may be brought to companies, such as vast amount of investment, quality assurance for each steps, technical requirements. More attention needs to be paid to the pandemic, natural disasters and new policies, Wang Bohua emphasized.