VSUN Successfully Listed on Top Local Banks of Vietnam Solar Module Suppliers List

MB Bank, TP Bank and VP Bank, well-recognized local banks, have recently released an announcement about photovoltaic project investment and bankability in Vietnam.

PVTIME – VSUN, the sole Japanese invested solar solution provider based in Vietnam, is successfully listed among other providers.

The listing scheme is targeted in specific at PV module suppliers where the key factor is “bankability reliability”. Solar module suppliers must be proven as reliable non-recourse debt financial partners with sufficient bank financing support for solar projects. The listing is aimed to levelized photovoltaic module manufacturers in Vietnam, where VSUN was evaluated with excellent performance and reputation, and is listed on the major suppliers list of sponsored solar projects by these banks.

Photovoltaic modules’ reliability, sustainability and bankability is the most important standards for financial support delivered to power plant projects. Until now, VSUN has been approved by many well-known banks across the globe, as well as being listed on BloombergNEF’s tier 1 list, according to the latest report 3Q 2020 Global PV Market Outlook. VSUN modules are also provided with product and power output insurance coverage to guarantee the reliability of the materials and power delivery and are widely used in large power stations in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

As one of the biggest solar solution providers and high-tech sectore enterprises in the Vietnamese market, VSUN is listed by many Vietnamese banks and has been awarded ‘The Best International Payment Business’ by Vietcom Bank. In recent years, VSUN implemented an innovative “PV + finance” cooperation mode, and has become the strategic photovoltaic project partner with top local banks in Vietnam.