VERSOLSOLAR Cooperates with ASTRONERGY on Startup of 170 MW Photovoltaic Power Station Project

Sept. 11, 2012 Due to the recent rapid expansion of photovoltaic power generation, China’s national development and reform commission has increased the planning for photovoltaic power generation, which could be expected to reach 40 GW. Astronergy focuses on the business opportunities created by the need to upgrade and invest in western photovoltaic power station construction. Its total planning in 2012 is for 330 MW on projects across multiple regions in China including Gansu, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and others.

VERSOLSOLAR enjoys a comprehensive advantage, which comes from its 3.5 GW of productivity, 10 MW of quick responsiveness in 4 days and 1,000+ MW of professional experience in installation and construction. These advantages helped it to win the bid in 2012 for Astronergy’s western photovoltaic power station project, which was fully activated in July. VERSOLSOLAR beat out dozens of competing companies to win a 170 MW of ground photovoltaic power station project mounting system supply contract.

In view of the complex geological and topographical features, such as karst, the Gobi landform and other issues, VERSOLSOLAR’s technical service team carried out a series of exploration work on the surrounding environment, vegetation, wind conditions, water, a stratigraphic survey and more. Also, after taking account of the influence of the monsoon climate during the previous October to May and ground frost levels it was found that the wind and snow produced by it would block the progress of installation and construction. Therefore, VERSOLSOLAR’s team optimized and integrated supply chain solutions to meet the demands of the client for quick delivery. The cooperation between Astonergy and VERSOLSOLAR marks the end of construction of the western power station project and the facility was turned on successfully.


VERSOLSOLAR provides mounting system solutions for PV power station and installation service to investors and EPC internationally. Their company-owned a R&D and engineering team consists of more than 100 of professionals and has delivered projects totaling 1000MW around the world in 2 years. It owns two factories with a yearly capacity of 3.5GW, and has developed over 150 products covering all installation conditions such as rooftop, ground, trackers and BIPV. As an international company, VERSOLSOLAR has liaison offices in the USA, Europe, EMEA and Southeast Asian countries to ensure reliability and quick service. It is the No.1 Company in China providing G-scale PV plant installation services.


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