Versolsolar completed 2MW PV project in Ukraine

Author:Lydia Xu

Versolsolar Hangzhou, Co., Ltd. has completed 2MW photovoltaic ground project in Ukraine. The PV ground mounting system of this project is developed by the senior research and development team, a photovoltaic mounting system of a single pillar and slant supports combination. The PV modules angles can be adjusted according to season need. It is a leading provider of different regions in both the wind resistance ability, and also can guarantee good performance, reasonable cost of high quality products.

Ukraine is becoming the best choice for most investors and developers due to her attractive government subsidies, ideal sun light condition and advantageous geographical position. Along with the birth of the target of “to 2015 to 1000 MW photovoltaic installed” by the Ukrainian authorities, more and more investors announced their photovoltaic power station plans in Ukraine, and the domestic PV industry also is experiencing huge change. The Ukraine 2 MW photovoltaic ground mounting project completion, not only proved its Excellence in leadership in the product research and development and technical support , but also has a positive meaning to the further market development in Ukraine, deemed by Versolsolar.


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