USTR Issues Notice Regarding Statutory Four-Year Review of China 301 Tariffs

PVTIME – On May 3, The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) issued a Notice which is likely to remove the Section 301 investigation on photovoltaic products from China. The “Section 301” tariffs imposed by the US on Chinese products, including photovoltaic modules, will end on July 6 and August 23 respectively, and the tariffs may be lifted. The US imposes tariffs on PV products mainly based on the 201 and 301 tariffs and a cumulative 40% tariff of which 15% (201) and 25% (301) would be imposed for single-sided modules produced by China.

This could be considered as a measure to prevent inflation in the United States. The Notice issued by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is as following.

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is commencing the statutory process required leading up to the four-year anniversaries of the tariff actions in the Section 301 investigation of China’s Acts, Policies, and Practices Related to Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property, and Innovation. 
The first step in the process is to notify representatives of domestic industries that benefit from the tariff actions of the possible termination of those actions and of the opportunity for the representatives to request continuation.  If a request for continuation is received, USTR will conduct a review of the tariff actions.
Background:  USTR is providing notice to representatives of domestic industries that benefit from the tariff actions through letters to interested parties that previously submitted comments in support of the tariff actions and through the issuance of a Federal Register notice.  Requests for continuation must be submitted prior to the four-year anniversary of the action, which is July 6, 2022, for the first action in the investigation.  If one or more requests for continuation are submitted, USTR will publish an additional notice after July 6 announcing the continuation of the tariff action and will proceed with a review of the tariffs.  The review will include an opportunity for all interested persons to provide comments.