US Toledo Solar Discontinues PV Operations

PVTIME – US solar panel manufacturer Toledo Solar has announced that it is to cease its PV business and all research and development activities with immediate effect due to its inability to license the necessary technology for its cadmium telluride modules.

Toledo Solar has been supplying small 115W cadmium telluride thin-film solar modules to residential and non-utility customers since it began operating a 100MW production line in Perrysburg, Ohio, in 2021. Then, in 2023, the world’s leading solar panel manufacturer First Solar filed a lawsuit against Toledo Solar, claiming that Toledo Solar wasn’t making solar panels at all, but was taking old First Solar panels made in Malaysia and selling them under the Toledo Solar name.

The two sides settled the lawsuit and Toledo Solar has since shifted its strategy, changing its target market to residential, commercial and industrial with cadmium telluride products made in the US. However, the company is unable to license certain technology needed to manufacture its products and the board has decided to cease operations.

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