TW Solar and Energy 3000 Solar GmbH Ink Cooperation Agreement for 1GW Solar Modules

PVTIME – Energy 3000 Solar GmbH, a leading Austrian supplier of PV solar and energy storage systems and solutions, met with TW Solar on 25 February 2023 and signed a framework agreement to add 1GW of solar modules in 3 years.

The two sides exchanged views on the global PV market and agreed that TW Solar will supply Energy 3000 Solar GmbH with high efficiency p/n-type solar modules with high power, low LCOE and ultra-low LID. These solar modules have been researched and developed by TW Solar and are highly reliable and in demand by overseas customers.

As a company engaged in renewable energy solutions in Europe since 2007, Energy 3000 Solar GmbH will take advantage of its location and rich experience to jointly work with TW Solar to expand solar deployments with safe, reliable and highly efficient clean energy solutions and services, said Mr Christian Bairhuber at the signing ceremony.

“The demand for clean energy solutions in the EU is growing rapidly,” said Mr Chen Fangzhou, Head Manager of TW Solar’s Overseas Sales Department, “Thanks to Energy 3000 Solar GmbH, our distributor and installer partners, we’re able to provide smart, safe and efficient solar modules and PV products to customers across the EU.”