Trina Solar to Start PV Glass Processing Project in Xining, China

PVTIME – Trina Solar, the world’s leading provider of integrated PV and smart energy solutions, recently signed a contract to build a PV glass processing project in Xining City, Qinghai Province, China.

The project will have a production capacity of 2,400 tonnes of PV glass per day. It will be an important part of the integrated PV production in the city and promote the development of the local PV industry.

In addition, on 22 February 2024, Trina Solar announced its performance forecast for 2023. It expected to achieve total operating revenue of RMB113.510 billion (US$15.778 billion), an increase of 33.46% year on year, while net profit attributable to parent company of RMB5.561 billion (US$772.98 million), an increase of 51.12% year on year. Basic earnings per share were estimated at RMB2.56 (US$0.36).

Trina Solar attributed the increase in performance in 2023 to the significant increase in sales volume of TOPCon modules as a result of the expanded production capacity of n-type products. Sales of 210 series high power solar products also increased dramatically. Furthermore, its production costs were reduced due to the gradual expansion of in-house n-type wafer production during the period.

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