Trina Solar Issues First A-Shares on Shanghai Sci-Tech Innovation Board

PVTIME - On June 10, Trina Solar Co., Ltd became
the first Chinese PV product, PV system and smart energy company to
trade on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation
Board (Trina Solar; code: 688599), also known as the STAR Market.

At the listing ceremony, Gao Jifan, Chairman and General Manager of Trina Solar, struck the gong, witnessed by assembled VIP guests.

Gao said: "Global warming and environmental pollution are growing
problems, making energy transformation an extremely urgent issue. This
will significantly impact our ability to leave a beautiful living
environment to future generations, to find a balance among
environmental, economic, and social benefits, and to achieve development
that is comprehensive, balanced and sustainable. Inspired by the
implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and the Million Solar Roofs
Initiative of the United States, I founded Trina Solar
in 1997. For more than 20 years we have made great strides in the
photovoltaic industry by focusing on innovation, branding, globalization
and digitalization. This has enabled us to gradually become the world's
leading provider of PV and smart energy total solutions."

Innovation is one of Trina's most important assets, a key component
of its development strategy and the driving force of its growth. Trina Solar
is home to a State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology,
accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and,
backed by this state-level research platform the company has set world
records for solar cell conversion efficiency and module output on 20
occasions. This has made a major contribution to PV price parity and has
further consolidated and enhanced the world-leading status of Chinese
PV companies.

Trina Solar's innovative development
has enabled it to capitalize on the rich opportunities that the PV
industry offers. It has established three major business segments – PV
products, PV systems and smart energy segmentsBy the end of 2019 Trina
Solar's global operations had produced module shipments totaling more
than 45 GW and had grid-connected capacity of more than 3 GW, in
addition to a large pipeline of high-quality projects. The company has
also established end-to-end sales channels and networks worldwide, with
more than 40 branches, and product operations covering more than 100
countries and regions. The company is committed to creating greater
value for customers, continuing its pioneering innovation, expanding
globally and seeking new market opportunities to provide ever-improving
returns to shareholders, investors, customers and society.