Trina Solar Announces Enhanced Trinasmart Module for Faster Installations with Reduced BOS Costs

Trina Solar Limited (TSL), a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions and services, today announced the commercial availability of an enhanced version of its industry-leading Trinasmart modules, embedded with Smart Curve technology. Trinasmart is a module-integrated solution that optimizes the energy output of PV systems, enhances the safety of solar arrays, improves the installation speed of an array and reduces balance of system costs. The technology allows roof sections that are prone to shading to be utilized without causing power loss to the entire system, increasing output within one string by up to 20 percent.

“Our newest Trinasmart modules help us to stay at the forefront of module technology,” said Mark Mendenhall, president of Trina Solar Americas. “Installers can now offer systems that are smarter, simpler and safer than ever before. Trinasmart, with Smart Curve technology, lowers the balance of system cost for solar systems, providing a better bottom line for our customers – this is Smart Energy Together.”

Smart Curve technology ensures maximum voltage is constant regardless of temperature and enables the installation of up to 30 percent longer strings than traditional modules. With Smart Curve, each module in a string performs independently at its maximum level, delivering optimal energy output. Smart Curve reduces overall balance of system costs by about five cents per Wp, while the longer strings reduce I2R energy loss.

The patented Trinasmart technology includes power optimization and monitoring, with Smart Curve and improved fire safety all built into the module junction box. Unlike other modules, Trinasmart allows monitoring and control of the PV array at module level and will work with any inverter. System performance can be monitored and controlled in real time through the web-based Trinasmart platform, which is accessible on both smartphone and desktop devices.

Trinasmart utilizes technology from Tigo Energy, an innovative company based in Silicon Valley, California. Smart Curve is TUV and CSA certified.


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