Tongwei Raises Cell Prices in March 2022

PVTIME – Tongwei Solar (TW Solar), a leading company dedicates to R&D, manufacture and marketing of core solar products, has increased its cell prices across the board for March 2022. The following are quotations of mainstream high-efficiency mono cells.

The Pricing Announcement of Solar Cells of TW Solar in March, 2022.

The price of 166mm mono PERC cell has increased by 0.02 yuan to 1.11yuan/W.

The 182mm and 210mm mono PERC cell price have risen by 0.02 yuan to 1.14 yuan/W respectively.

The price of silicon wafers has been raised again this week, and the pricing game in March is about to begin. Cell manufacturers are expected to see price adjustments ranging from 1-3 cents per watt. However, affected by module companies, it may be difficult for cells to rise and the production of the cell in March-April may be decreased as an estimated of reduction of module production.