The CHINA expresses to support the development and integration of photovoltaic industry

Premier Li Keqiang held the State Council meeting on 14th June to put forward 10 measures to deal with the atmospheric contamination and protection and promote the healthy development of photovoltaic business.

The meeting pointed out that steps to expand internal demand are going forward for stable development and structure adjustments thus realizing China’s economy upgrade. Photovoltaic is an important direction of new energy. This industry is competitive in the world now but due to the depression in the global market and insufficient domestic application, a temporary operation difficulty occurs. We must support this industry to get out of the problem and grow healthily. At the same time of consolidating the international market, we shall conduct reforms and let the market play its role to stimulate the effective demand in domestic market to push the industry upgrade and innovation.

Several specialties say that the darkest time has passed so the business in 2013 will basically turn better. Photovoltaic industry is getting balanced in supply and demand. The government is making policies to encourage the great enterprises, such as Risen, Talesun, TBEA, Sungrowpower, they all performed well in the first half of the year. With the policies and the allowance for distributed power settled subsequently, those photovoltaic companies will certainly gain.


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