TBEA Plans to Increase Polysilicon Production by up to 100,000 MT/Year Through Technology Transformation

PVTIME – On April 14, TBEA announced its plan to invest 1.265 billion yuan to carry out polysilicon technological transformation at its subsidiary Xinte Energy. The implementation of this polysilicon transformation project by Xinte Energy can increase TBEA’s existing polysilicon production capacity by upwards of 100,000 MT/year, which will be conducive to further reducing production cost and improving product quality.

According to the announcement, in order to seize the market opportunity, expand the scale of polysilicon production, and improve profitability, TBEA’s holding subsidiary Xinte Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinte Energy) will implement technical transformation on its 30,000 MT polysilicon production line as well as the 36,000 MT polysilicon production line of its subsidiary Xinjiang Xinte Crystal Silicon High Tech Co., Ltd.

The total investment of the project is 1.265 billion yuan, including 470 million yuan for the 30,000 MT polysilicon production line and 795 million yuan for the 36,000 MT polysilicon production line. The construction period of the project is 12 months. Production load will reach 85% in the first year after completion, and after the second year, reach 100% of the design capacity.