TBEA and Huaxiang Group Jointly Sign For PV Projects in Shanxi Province

PVTIME – On February 16, Shanxi Huaxiang Group Co., Ltd. (603112.SS), a company manufactures and sells precision products, engineering products, resin sand products, and other products in China and internationally, signed a Investment Framework Cooperation Agreement with TBEA and Hongdong County Government (Shanxi Province) on PV projects.

According to the announcement, the total investment of the cooperation projects is 4.3 billion yuan, including a 1GW PV power plant with an investment of 4 billion yuan. And the rest 300 million yuan will be applied to a solar tracker production project.

The Cooperation Agreement will provide a opportunity for the three parties to improve the sustainable development in Hongdong County as well as promote the companies’ production capacity and to expand their business.

Green power generation and low-carbon energy are expected to work well in the County, and the companies would like to make the renewable version come true with the supports of the local government.