Talesun Solar’s Tie-up with MEM Group Expands Breadth of Turkish PV Market

PVTIME – Talesun Solar has recently signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation with MEM Group to jointly build a module production line with an annual capacity of 1GW in Turkey. The two parties will leverage Talesun Solar’s leading advantages in technology R&D, manufacturing, quality management, sales network and supply chain integration to establish an all-encompassing cooperation based on strategic development demands. They will work together to expand their presence in world markets by capitalizing on their complementary advantages to achieve mutual benefits.

Founded in 1993, MEM Group is a leading global supplier of industrial equipment, manufacturing services and electrical services. MEM vice president Ahmet Teyfik Paksu said: “Under the agreement, we will build a module production line with a facility area of 40,000 square meters in Kahramanmaras, south-central Turkey, with the goal of achieving annual capacity of 1GW by the second quarter of 2023. Talesun Solar will provide the design for the layout of the facility, while all equipment and raw materials to be used in the factory will be supplied according to their standards and approval.”

“The cooperation with Talesun Solar will help us achieve a deeper participation in the Turkish photovoltaic market, give full play to MEM Group’s advantages in the fields in which it specializes while the Turkish company will get access to the solar PV maker’s global sales channels. We will jointly optimize and expand the global portfolio, and then open up the target markets in the United States and Europe.”

“The strategic cooperation agreement signed this time demonstrates the motivation and determination of Talesun Solar to engage in collaborative efforts at a global level. Talesun Solar has a 20% share of the PV market in Turkey, and the new module production line is on track to formally start production in 2023. In 2024, we plan to add the new-generation TOPCon technology production line in the facility with the expectation that we will quickly achieve stable mass production. In addition, we will continuously enhance the design and production processes to meet the demands of different customers.” said Pınar Eser, the Talesun Solar Regional Sales Leader of Europe.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, Talesun Solar has accumulated deep technical reserves in high-performance photovoltaic cells and modules. The company has industry-leading mass production technology and production capacity advantages. The two factors that distinguish Talesun Solar from its peers – innovation and a business model based on forming mutual beneficial partnerships – has proven to be a winning formula. It is also one that will allow Talesun Solar to continue providing first-class solutions for photovoltaic market applications worldwide, while advancing the acceptance in Turkey of PV solutions through the provision of quality product. These efforts continuously create value for the global photovoltaic industry.