Talesun Solar Further Expands Capacity in 2021

PVTIME – PV module manufacturer Talesun Solar has greatly improved the total supplement capacity of its module products to the global market by having successfully carried out capacity expansions at its two main production bases located in Shandong, China, and Rayong, Thailand.

In 2015, Talesun Solar invested and set up a production facility in Thailand. After years of continuous hard work, the first piece of large size PERC cell for high-efficiency PV modules has successfully been produced there. This is the prelude to another round of overseas capacity expansion in 2021 and will enhance Talesun Solar’s competitiveness in key high-value international markets such as Europe and the United States. In the field of solar cells, Talesun Solar is a real veteran and has rich experience. Currently, Talesun Solar has achieved a conversion efficiency of 23.56% for its PERC cell. Meanwhile, the efficiency of its next-generation solar cell technology is expected to exceed 24% with continuous R&D efforts.

On January 10, 2021, the first piece of PV module successfully came off the production lines at Talesun Solar’s new production base in Shandong. The successful commissioning of this 5 GW total capacity base will once again further improve the company’s production capability.

This new factory started construction in March 2020 for a total planned investment of about 2 billion yuan. Phase I of the project will generate an annual output value of 9 billion yuan and create more than 700 jobs. Upon completion, the total annual sales generated by the factory will be around 13 billion yuan.