Talesun Solar Announces 23.56% PERC Solar Cell Conversion Efficiency

PVTIME – On October 15, Talesun Solar announced that it has achieved a new high in PERC solar cell power conversion efficiency at 23.56%. According to the announcement, the testing and certification issuing were carried out independently by Fujian Metrology Institute’s National Photovoltaic Industry Metrology and Testing Center.

Current–voltage characteristic curve and power-voltage characteristic curve of Talesun’s 23.56% PERC solar cell under STC. (Source: Talesun Solar)

Talesun attributes the breakthrough in PERC cell conversion efficiency to its self-developed PERC 2.0 technical solution and its R&D team’s courage to innovate, which further optimized and improved key technologies such as diffusion doping, interface passivation, metal contact, etc., and greatly reduced the total J0 of the solar cell and increased the open circuit voltage (Voc) to above 691mV.