Talesun Gets Backed by Munich Re

Talesun - The Chinese major photovoltaic manufacturer,
Talesun Solar Technologies, hereinafter refer to as Talesun, recently
officially announced that Munich Re will provide reinsurance service for the
insurance of its PV module products, including 12 years of products quality
guarantee, 25 years of regular PV module and 30 years of double-glass module in
efficiency guarantee.

This credit endorsement not only protects the financial
risks of PV modules when recalls happen, but also effectively improves the
bankability of Talesun’s products and enhances Talesun’s competitiveness.

Munich Re is one of the leading reinsurance companies in
the world. It obtains a global service map that covers over 150 countries. The
company has strict factory inspection standards and takes quality as the core
requirement of reinsurance.

In order to qualify for reinsurance, a series of strict
assessment and inspection have to be made and passed by the insured company,
such as technical risk assessment of PV module, the assessment of factory
quality management system, the production processing assessment, and audit of
raw material checklist and etc.

Furthermore, for example Munich Re will take the ICE test
with three times of normal period. With these critical measures, and also
stable finance status of Munich Re itself, the reinsurance from Munich Re
guarantees the bankability and profitability of solar PV projects and thus is
widely accepted by banks all over the world.

The head of Green Tech Solutions of Munich Re, Michael
Schrempp expressed: “We see Talesun is an enterprise pursuing high quality,
sincere service to customers, and takes product quality as core
competitiveness, and that’s why we appreciate to work and cooperate with Talesun
in the reinsurance business.”

Wang Weifeng, Chairman of Talesun, said about “the
cooperation with Munich Re”, “does fully demonstrate that products, technology
and service quality of Talesun have been authoritative recognized and accepted.
Meanwhile, the back by Munich Re has also well relieved customers of worries
about product quality and efficiency attenuation, thus providing better risk
management and control tools for owners and investors.” He also stressed: “In
the future, Talesun will continue to strengthen the cooperation with Munich Re.
And the company will, as always, adhere to the requirements for product quality
and continue to provide customers with high-quality PV module products and a
full range of efficient and professional customer services.”