Talesun 273.7 MW Photovoltaic Project Officially Connected to U.S. Grid

PVTIME – Recently, a 273.7 MW photovoltaic power plant equipped with Talesun facilities in Texas, USA, was officially connected to the grid. This milestone marks another significant step forward for the company in the global clean energy sector, further demonstrating Talesun’s commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions worldwide. 

The project in Texas spans a vast area and involves a substantial total investment. It fully utilizes Talesun’s 182 model efficient photovoltaic modules, known for their exceptional power generation efficiency and stability. Following the grid connection, the plant is expected to generate a significant amount of green electricity annually, sufficient to meet the power needs of tens of thousands of local households, while substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative will not only provide clean and renewable energy to the local community but also set a new benchmark for the global clean energy industry.

Commenting on the successful grid connection of the project, Mr. Xing Yabin, Senior VP of Overseas Marketing, Sales and Operation, stated: “We are honored to participate in this landmark project and contribute to the advancement of the global clean energy industry. We have received steadfast support from industrial investors. To date, these investors have assisted us in completing over 2GW of PV projects worldwide through their business backing. Our close cooperation has provided new momentum for the development of the global clean energy sector. Over the years, we have diligently explored the U.S. market, earning a strong reputation for our high-quality, reliable products and robust technical expertise. We have established partnerships with numerous local companies, collectively promoting the growth of the U.S. photovoltaic market.”

As global climate change and environmental challenges intensify, clean energy has emerged as a crucial focus for global energy development. Talesun, as one of the world’s leading photovoltaic enterprises, will continue to leverage its strengths and pivotal role in the clean energy sector, making even greater contributions to the advancement of global clean energy initiatives.

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