SVECK EVA Encapsulation Materials Passed the PID Test

SVECK, a worldly top manufacturer of EVA film for solar module, recently have declared that their EVA film have passed the PID (Potential Induced Degradation) test under the standard of IEC. With their orientation of Manufacturing High Reliable Encapsulation Materials, SVECK conducted the PID test in the authoritative testing institutions with cooperated with some top enterprises of solar module. The testing result shows that, PID of the modules with SVECK EVA encapsulation can be completely controlled at below 2% compared with the modules with the same auxiliary materials. So far, EVA film of SVECK have become presently the first and only one which has passed the PID test in china.

It is said that, PID phenomenon refers to the modules under long-term action of high voltage which lead to generate leakage current between glasses and encapsulating materials. System、modules and cells could cause PID. One of the effective way of avoiding PID is the adoption of encapsulating materials with high performance.

Compared with traditional EVA film which PID is above 30%, EVA film of SVECK has been done really to provide better encapsulating performance and avoid the PID phenomenon at the largest extent, which shows that the properties of SVECK EVA film have reached the leading level within the same industrial field.


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