Suntech Awarded Top Brand PV Seal by EuPD Research for Five Consecutive Years

Recently, Suntech was awarded the certificate of “Top Brand PV” seal by EuPD Research; an authoritative research institute recognized worldwide, marking that Suntech has been honored a leading solar brand in Europe for five consecutive years.

The “Top Brand PV” award is rated by EuPD Research in accordance with the Global PV Installer Monitor survey that covers over 100 global installers, and eventually goes to the most excellent one among all upstream and downstream players of the photovoltaic industry, after a rigorous and just assessment focusing on product performance and services. This competition is beneficial for the entire industry to constantly deliver better products and services and enhance the quality of photovoltaic energy, thus pushing enterprises forward for higher effectiveness. Furthermore, Suntech has also been rated as a “Top Brand PV” seal in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands in 2020. Outside Europe, on account of its brand strength and long-lasting attractiveness, Suntech also wins the endorsement of EuPD Research in the Australian market for three consecutive years, and meanwhile the “Top Brand PV Australia” seal by EuPD Research.

Relying on its brand influence built on years of consistent efforts in the European market, where a robust pre-sales and after-sales service system has been created, Suntech has successfully brought in numbers of new customers while maintaining a stable cooperative relationship with established ones. In recent years, the scale of Suntech’s business has steadily increased, and module shipments have increased by more than 20% for three consecutive years. As of the end of 2019, Suntech has supplied over 21GW photovoltaic modules to more than 90 countries. According to updated customs data, Suntech ranks 6th in the European market in terms of shipment volume, performs spectacularly well in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.

“Suntech was the first PV brand to enter the European market. We have been adhering to Suntech’s quality for 20 years. Suntech has been honored a leading solar brand in Europe for five consecutive years, and most of the respondents in the EuPD Research were installers from mature distributed markets. They have cooperated with a large number of component brands, but still choose to recommend Suntech. This is the best proof of Suntech’s product quality. ”Said Mr. Vincent Cao, Vice President of Suntech.

“Suntech has a stable network of distribution in Europe, and also supplied to a lot of high-capacity power plant projects there.” In March 2019, Shell’s Moerdijk above-ground power station project using modules supplied by Suntech, in which Suntech provided 76,000 pieces of mono half-cell modules for constructing the Moerdijk solar park and contributed peaking capacity up to 27MW, an equivalence to the energy consumption of 9,000 households in the Netherlands, to Shell’s Moerdijk solar park, was completed smoothly. So far, the generating plant is operating charmingly. In August, Germany’s largest floating PV power station, which used 750kW of high-efficiency polycrystalline modules with IP68 waterproof capability supplied by Suntech, was completed, and its completion means that a plan of developing clean energy via an enhanced utilization of new surface area embarks on a new journey. In December, Suntech supplied 34,7 MWp bifacial PV modules to the “pioneering” solar-plus-storage photovoltaic project in UK. This project is also claiming it to be the first in the UK to boast single-axis trackers and bifacial modules. In addition, a number of projects in Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands are supplied by Suntech, which makes a positive performance in EU market.