Suntech Attends Solaire Expo Maroc 2020

PVTIME – On February 25, 2020 (local time), Solaire Expo Maroc 2020 was held at Casablanca Exhibition Center in Morocco, where Suntech showed up with various differentiated products.

Live Report

In recent years, Suntech has attached great importance to the North African market and put into service a sound pre-sale and after-sale service system in Morocco and surrounding countries through gradual efforts. Relying on differentiated market strategies and product layout, Suntech has garnered increasingly expanded brand influence. At this exhibition, Suntech exhibited three hot-sale products, including 440W mono PERC half-cell module, 410W mono PERC half-cell module and poly half-cell module. All these products are featured with higher output power but lower power cost. Particularly, aiming at the dryness of the tropical desert climate and sand storms in North Africa, Suntech has developed a kind of efficient mono anti-soiling and drainage intelligent module. This module uses a kind of special dustproof glass that can reduce dirt retention in the dry environment to maintain the best optical performance in a long term. Besides, based on its drainage structure, this module can facilitate rapid discharge of sewage in a humid environment, effectively minimize accumulation of sewage on the surface of the module and yield more benefits for clients by reducing the cleaning interval and performance loss.

Suntech Performance

Suntech has always regarded the North African market as a key to Suntech’s global market layout. In June 2019, at the 2nd NARES was held in Casablanca, Morocco, Suntech discussed the development trend of renewable energy in North Africa together with experts and scholars, as a result, speeding up the overall brand deployment of Suntech in North Africa. Besides, Suntech has been an active played in the project market of Morocco as a number of projects are under construction. Suntech has also supplied modules to rooftop projects for agricultural, fishery and medical areas in North Africa. For example, demonstration projects including Coca Cola Bottle Factory Roof Project and National Bank of Egypt have been completed.

Market Overview

As a region profuse in solar energy resources, North Africa is speeding up the development of renewable energy sources to meet up the ever-increasing energy demand and to respond to the climate change. Relying on the strong support from the government and ongoing and upcoming renewable energy source projects, the industry of solar energy sources in North Africa has grown comparatively fast. Morocco ranks No.3 in the photovoltaic installed capacity in Africa. Thanks to the government’s proactive support policy and orientation advantages, its solar energy industry has developed rapidly. Further, as a large power with a population of nearly 30 million in North Africa, Morocco has kept strengthening investment in infrastructure and garnered rapid economic development. As the first Middle Eastern and North African country entering into the alliance initiative of the International Energy Agency, Morocco acts as a model for emerging economies to develop the energy industry in the future.