Suntech Attends Cisolar 2019 in Kyiv, Continue to Develop the Ukrainian and Eastern European PV Market

Suntech attends CISolar 2019 (8th International Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe) as an exhibitor during April 16th to 18th, 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine. As the premier solar energy conference and trade show of Central and Eastern Europe, CISolar has become the main meeting point for the global and local market players to gather, get the market insights, meeting partners and clients. The exhibition also held several forums and conferences around solar energy and renewable energy, energy development, etc., providing modern technology solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Today solar energy development is one of priority areas for investors in the world and Eastern Europe in particular. As of April, 2019 in Ukraine more than 2 GW capacity of megawatt-type solar power station were built and by end of the year this indicator will increase to 2,7 GW. In addition to large scale projects, the segment of small solar stations, including solar roof stations, is also rapidly developing. Since 2015 in Ukraine more than 151 million euro has been invested in the installation of small households stations. As of April 1, 2019 the number of households equipped with solar power plants exceeded 7 600. Ukraine has become a very crucial PV market in the Eastern Europe, the potential and opportunities for photovoltaic development in the future are even more.

As the world’s leading photovoltaic manufacturing company, Suntech has been adhering to the leading technology, high-quality products and service in the international market with its brand advantage and cost-effective. During the CISolar 2019,Suntech’s high-efficiency half-cell modules have attracted many customers and visitors´ attention. It contains different ways of designing which is using the hybrid mode with series-connected and parallel-connected. With half-cell technology, the module power output can be maximum 10W higher than the traditional design, and it reduces the system cost with the help of higher module power output. In addition, the size of half-cell is smaller than the traditional cell, which means that the damaged area is also smaller for half-cells when cracks occur by the external force. At the same time, the special complex circuit is optimized by using the distributed junction box design, and the power loss can be further reduced in a cross layout of installation.

Suntech will continue to explore the market potential, expand overseas PV market development, and take quality and technology as its core competitiveness to provide high-quality products and comprehensive services to customers around the world, so that Suntech’s sunshine will warm every corner of the world!


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