Sungrow’s SG30KTL Obtains Double-A Grade from Photon Lab’s Test

MUNICH, April 2, 2013 / — Sungrow’s SG30KTL has been awarded a double-A grade evaluation (“Sehr Gut”) by Photon Lab for both medium and high irradiation, commendably following its siblings, Sungrow’s 4kW and 15kW inverters. So far, the SG30KTL has climbed to 5th in the Photon ranking of all tested inverters and 1st of all Asian inverters, as well as the 1st in all string inverters with power above 20kW.

The SG30KTL, the highest capacity wall-mounted inverter on the market, was launched in 2012 and certified by CE, TUV, BDEW, VDE AR N 4105, AS4777 and CEI0-21 at that time. Excellent structural and circuitry design makes it very compact and the lightest inverter in the same power class. The 65kg inverter can easily be handled by two workers during installation requiring no lifting machine, meaning that installation and maintenance costs can be reduced significantly. With the outdoor design and integrated DC combiner box function, system costs can be further lowered.

The maximum efficiency of the SG30KTL is 98.3%, while EU and CA efficiencies are both 98.1%. The function setting on single or dual MPPT enables the SG30KTL to achieve higher conversion efficiency, higher system flexibility and more cost efficiency. “It’s the top inverter over all the tested inverters,” raved Photon Lab. The SG30KTL has been widely installed in China, Germany, Spain and many other countries.

This award of “double-A” grade from the prestegious Photon Lab not only assures the quality and performance of Sungrow’s inverters, but also supports and accelerates the process of internationalization. As the largest PV inverter manufacturer in Asia, Sungrow has gained a reputation of providing high quality products and effective services to customers. In addition, through deep study of client’s requirements, Sungrow is dedicated to technological innovation in product design and performance in order to reduce product and system costs.


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