Sungrow’s New Battery Solution Ensures Reliable Electricity Supply for Australian Households

PVTIME – In Australia, residential users of renewable power are well aware of energy storage’s essential role in maintaining reliable power supply for their houses or farms etc. The demand of batteries and storage solutions is only increasing. Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, rolls out the updated battery storage solutions for the Australian market: SH5.0RS hybrid inverter plus SBR Batteries. Featuring a high yield, safety and reliability, and intelligent O&M, this BESS solution proves one of the most popular solutions among Australian residential users who want to be self-sufficient in their electricity usage.

SH5.0RS is tailored for Australian households and can be connected directly to all types of home sizes as well as large-capacity batteries. Local users can gain a higher yield with its compatibility to high power panels, max. 2.4 DC/AC ratio, 24h PID protection and prolonged work time. SH5.0RS also provides a stable and reliable electricity supply, as the seamless switching function works continuously to power the houses even during power outages or blackouts. Sungrow always wants all its customers to enjoy clean power for both their lives and carries without worries, so, it equips SH5.0RS with upgraded AFCI2.0, an enhanced protection function for the whole household.

The R&D of SH5.0RS also made particular adaptations to the local demand. Previously, Australian residential inverter customers were bothered by the inconvenient installation, unhandy usage, noise, and high temperatures while operating. The updated SH5.0RS adopts the new ultra-thin panel and the compact design, becoming smaller and lighter than similar products. Only one man can complete the installation. For easier usage, customers can see power, yield, fault information from the LED display clearly and directly. Worth mentioning, such design has just won the Red Dot Award for Contemporary Good Design recently.

The residential sector has been dominating the Australian solar market, registering 2.7 GW installation in 2021. This figure is expected to exceed 3.5 GW in 2025. To see that Australia completes such mission, Sungrow offers a wide range of residential solutions including PV Inverter SG2.0-10.0RS and hybrid inverter SH5.0/6.0RS. as well as the intelligent monitoring products like Winet-S and iSolarCloud. By far, Sungrow has shipped about 10,000 hybrid inverters to Australia, which all work well to ensure a reliable electricity supply for Australian household users.