SUNGROW Won Another A Grade Evaluation by Photon

Recently, SG15KTL, the PV inverter designed and made by SUNGROW, obtained an A grade evaluation of Photon Lab’s test, commendably following the steps of its sibling: SUNGROW’s 4kW inverter. 

In 2010, SUNGROW launched this 15kW PV inverter with high performance into the global solar market. Along with its friendly multilingual LCD display panel, the transformerless SG15KTL has stainless steel enclosure and two MPP trackers which suit both symmetrical and parallel operation mode.

SG15KTL’s European efficiency and California efficiency could still reach to 97.4% and 97.7% even after Photon tightened their evaluation standard.

“The device, which was provided by SUNGROW along with the standard test agreement, attempts to win points with an array of extra features: two independent MPP trackers make designing PV generators easier, and the use of high-quality film capacitors in the power element hint at a long service life. The SUNGROW SG15KTL performed well in Photon Lab’s tests. The test candidate’s internal design is very compact and clearly laid out; its topology promotes very high efficiency. The maximum conversion efficiency comes in at 97.9 percent in symmetrical operation and is highly uniform over the entire voltage and power ranges…” according to the report of Photon Lab’s test, “All in all, the SUNGROW SG15KTL is a very good device with a high Photon efficiency. ”

Over the years, SUNGROW paid great attention to meeting the solar market and clients’ requirement of reliable QC system and distinguished performance of products. Owing to a series of innovative techniques and manufacturing process, the efficiency and performance of SUNGROW’s PV inverters were significantly enhanced.

In recent years, SUNGROW’s products not only obtained mutiple international certifications such as TÜV, ETL and etc., but also were compliant with German BDEW medium voltage guideline and VDE AR N 4105 low voltage guideline, and successfully used in a number of projects in Europe and the US.

As another positive assessment from international authoritative testing institution, this A grade evaluation of SUNGROW’s 15kW series will certainly promote the company’s development internationally.


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