Sungrow Supplies Southeast Asia’s Largest Solar Installation

– A 350 MW Project in Vietnam Secures Sungrow’s Dominance in the Region

PVTIME – Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announces that the Company supplies the latest 1500V 6.25 MW medium-voltage turnkey solution to 350 MW PV project in Luning County, Pingfu Province of Vietnam. The project is noteworthy as the largest solar plant in Southeast Asia and expected to be online before December 31, 2020.

Sungrow Turnkey Inverter Solution SG6250HV-MV
Sungrow Turnkey Inverter Solution SG6250HV-MV

The project is located in the southwestern region of Vietnam, an area of vast land, ample sunshine as well as tropical climate with distinct rainy and dry seasons. The plant is to sell power for a fixed tariff of $0.0709 per kWh to Electricity of Vietnam over a period of 20 years as per a new FIT rate for ground-mounted PV plants.

Sungrow supplied its updated 6.25 MW turnkey solution, which integrates central inverters, the medium-voltage transformer and more devices in a 40-ft container, minimizing the cost of transportation and O&M. The 6.25 MW solution can power itself for commissioning if either of the central inverters works in voltage frequency (VF) mode, ensuring a shorter commissioning duration. Notably, the solution is compatible with the DC-coupling energy storage system, enabling 60% of the rated power charge from the grid, which well meets the potential demand on energy storage from project stakeholders in the near future.

Power China Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited, a state-run EPC with a prominent global presence is providing design, procurement and construction along with setting up supporting facilities. A spokesperson from the company mentioned that both parties have made considerable progress in Vietnam, and this landmark project indicates shared ambition towards the sustainability of the booming southeast Asian market.

“We are proud of being a part of this project, offering the latest trusted 1500V innovations. We look forward to driving a dramatic shift in the regional energy landscape with more partnerships forged,” said Dr. Thang Vu, Country Manager of Sungrow Vietnam.

Sungrow established a branch in Ho Chi Minh City three years ago, with an agile local team offering sales, technical support and after-sales services. The Company leads this market with a 25% market share in the utility-scale sector and 50% in the rooftop segment.