Sungrow Supplies Central Europe’s 100 MW PV Plant in Hungary

PVTIME – Sungrow announced that the Company supplied its medium-voltage inverter solutions to a 100 MW solar park in Kaposvàr, south-west Hungary, which is one of the largest PV projects and biggest investment of this nature in entire Central Europe, committing to support Hungary’s climate policy targets, including energy production in a carbon-neutral way by 2050.

The plant has been constructed by China National Machinery Import and Export (CMC) since June 2019, and over 50% of its construction volume has been finished till now despite the impact of the pandemic. Expected to be commercially completed by February 2021, the project will ensure an annual power generation of 130 GWh, equivalent to eliminating carbon dioxide by 4,500 tonnes per year, satisfying the electricity demand of a city with 50,000 inhabitants.

The project utilizes Sungrow turnkey medium-voltage inverter solutions, which ensure high efficiency, maximizing the yield of the plant. In addition to the inverter solutions, Sungrow also offers the advanced container integration service which ensures compatibility and system efficiency when the customer adopts the devices like Ring Main Unit (RMU), UPS, Protecta from different manufacturers, well addressing the stringent grid codes posed by E.ON, a European electric utility company. The highly integrated container design streamlines transportation and O&M, enabling cost-saving at large.

The solar park will contribute to developing a well-balanced and sustainable energy mix in Hungary and guaranteeing the country’s energy security,” said Innovation and Technology minister of László Palkovics in a statement.

Hungary continues its goal of diversifying its energy sources with a focus on solar power. We are delighted to partner with Sungrow to contribute to the national ambition to source increasing shares of its electricity from renewable sources by supplying this 100 MW landmark project. The standout technologies, responsive and professional service that Sungrow offers are paramount to our success and pumps up more joint adventures in the near future,” commented Mr. Wang Guopeng, Project Chief Engineer of CMC.

“Sungrow is delighted to offer competitive inverter solutions to be in powering up more communities and facilities, leveraging solar assets for a more sustainable environment, fueling sizable economic growth for Hungary,” Lewis Li, General Manager of Sungrow Europe.

Hungary will aim at ensuring the long-term security of energy supplies and increasing the share of renewable sources in its electricity generation mix. Sungrow made its first entry to the European country a decade ago and has been providing tailored solutions and services for local customers. It’s noteworthy that the Company has hundreds of megawatts of its inverter solutions delivered to Hungary in the first three quarters of this year.