Sungrow Smart Energy Virtual Show: A Bulk of the Latest Innovations Shine in the Marketplace

PVTIME - Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, is unveiling a variety of the latest PV and energy storage innovations at its Smart Energy Virtual Show taking place on June 15-19. The Company bridges channels between participants and industry professionals from authorities including SPE, EASE, and offers exclusive webinars in terms of niche markets and flagship products, illustrating its determination on technical innovation and expansion of global footprints.

Beyond a virtual booth, latest product portfolio is starring

The fully-immersive virtual booth keeps everybody safe and healthy
given the current coronavirus situation. While the intriguing part of
the virtual show is not only the distinctive booth design but a dozen of
the latest competitive PV and energy storage product portfolios for
utility-scale, commercial and residential applications, Which garnered
global unique views of over 10,000 on the first day.

Optimized for utility-scale PV plants, Sungrow is debuting
comprehensive solutions ranging from 125kW to 6.25MW, for instance, the
SG6250HV-MV turnkey solution, a brand-new 1500V multi-MPPT string
inverter SG125HX that is compatible with over 500Wp bifacial modules,
the world's most powerful 1500V string inverter SG250HX and its
medium-voltage turnkey station MVS6750-LV which is preassembled for easy

Featured commercial inverters ranging from 33kW to 110kW and
residential inverters available from 2kW to 20kW tailored to distributed
generation markets are another eye-catching due to the compact design,
high productivities and multiple demand satisfied.

Among others, participants can check out Sungrow all-in-one energy
storage systems such as a "3MW-1 Hour" system for utility-scale
applications and a "50kW-3 Hour" system for commercial projects, which
are fully integrated and of high efficiency and safety.

Outlook from professionals, benefiting your business

Drawing on experience gleaned from both fields of solar and energy
storage, an unprecedented lineup of speakers gives impactful insights
for participants.

Brittney Elzarei, Policy Manager from EASE (European Association for
the Storage of Energy), shared the latest ESS policies in the key
European markets and changes amid coronavirus on June 15th, indicating that we can expect strong impetus of energy storage development in Europe as it's a special drive of the local decarbonization and energy transition.

The Europe market outlook 2020-2024 to be presented by Raffaele Rossi, Policy Analyst at SPE (SolarPower Europe) on June 19th is believed to show in-depth guidance for the foreseeable future.

In addition, Sungrow technical and service team is giving expertise
on the latest innovations and specific trainings for installers and

"It is a pleasure to join this remarkable smart energy virtual show,
where I can explore key highlights of cutting-edge new products aired
exclusively. I've also gained reliable and practical insights from
speakers and networking slots without restrictions," commented a
participant at the virtual show.

Technical innovations never settle

"We keep exploring on technical innovations and are delighted to roll
out the latest PV and ESS solutions in this spectacular way. Indeed,
the virtual show illustrates our features and embodies more perspectives
from our partners which all participants can reap a lot," said James Wu, Vice President of Sungrow.

Being a leading player with over 100GW deployed around the globe, Sungrow is dedicated to the sustainable development and joined RE100
to affirm the commitment to source 100% renewable electricity by 2028.
Sungrow, with 100% bankability, is poised to usher in a new prospect of
accelerating its steps in fulfilling its mission of "Clean power for