Sungrow Provides PV and ESS Technical Training Programs for SEV

PVTIME – Recently, Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, signed a new agreement with SEV for technical trainings. Sungrow will provide SEV with PV and ESS technical trainings for their continuous improvement of technical know-how and skill sets, and prepare SEV for the future ESS market with Sungrow’s BESS expertise and experience.

Sungrow will set up both online and offline training courses for SEV’s technical and R&D teams. The course catalogue includes the Sungrow PV system design, installation, commission, preventative maintenance, and monitoring. Through the training, SEV’s engineers will not only be authorized to check and fast figure out any regular problems with the inverters, but also carry out comprehensive maintenance of the PV plant during its life span.

Further, seeing that there is a high demand but low supply in the Vietnamese solar market due to high capex cost, Sungrow will provide professional support for SEV in terms of BESS design and optimization. Both parties will conduct more exchanges on market trends, future development etc. As a result, SEV will be prepared for the future BESS projects and better meet the potential customers’ needs about energy storage.  

Long Nguyen, Head of SEV’s technical department expressed, “Through cooperating with Sungrow, we are ready to upgrade our technical capability in mastering any inverter problems, and will fix the error in a timely manner to make sure that our customers will be maximized the yield from solar PV system installed by SEV. Moreover, we can also take good care of the PV plants to ensure its effective operation.”

Linh Nguyen, Head of SEV’s R&D team stated, “We do see a huge demand in BESS applications in Vietnam. It is just a matter of time. By working with Sungrow, we will open the door to this potential market, make substantial progress on ESS R&D, and provide industry-leading storage products and solutions for our customers as expected.” 

Sungrow has taken an active part in organizing various training courses for its customers around the world. Through seminars, webinars, workshops, and field trainings, Sungrow is conveying its professional knowledge and experience about PV and ESS system to all partners who want to participate in this great “Net-Zero” journey.