Sungrow Makes Significant Headway in South Korea with Latest Product Innovations

PVTIME – Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, is showcasing the Company’s state-of-the-art PV and energy storage portfolio at this year’s South Korean Green Energy Expo which was postponed to July 15-17 due to the pandemic, furthering its commitment to renewable energy and expanding its presence in the emerging solar market.

Sungrow Booth at Green Energy Expo 2020
Sungrow Booth at Green Energy Expo 2020

KS-certified Commercial PV Inverters

The commercial PV inverter solutions covering SG33CX, SG50CX, SG110CX, made local industry headlines as the full range of the portfolio received KS certificates this June which is the world’s first-ever achievement. Equipped with multiple MPPTs, the 1000Vdc solutions are compatible with bi-facial modules and enable optimal yields in complex terrains. They’re also resilient to harsh conditions armed with an IP66 and C5 corrosion class protection. Given the high performance, over 2.5 GW of Sungrow commercial inverters were shipped across the globe and the amount is expected to mount in 2020.

SG250HX, The World’s Most Powerful 1500Vdc String Inverter

The show highlights the world’s most powerful 1500Vdc string inverter SG250HX, KS-certified as well, which is ideal for small- and medium-scale solar plants. The SG250HX features 12 MPPTs with maximum efficiency of 99% and enables flexible block design. Compatible with bi-facial modules and tracking systems, the solution can significantly maximize ROI for a PV project. Particularly with IP66 and C5 protection together with the smart forced air-cooling technology, the inverter can operate without derating even when the temperature is surging to 50 degrees Celsius.

SG3125HV-30, A Latest 1500Vdc Outdoor Central Inverter

The latest 1500Vdc outdoor central inverter SG3125HV-30 on display features three-level topology technology and the maximum inverter efficiency reaching 99%. It is designed with DC/AC ratio up to 1.8, enabling cost-saving on Balance of System (BoS) at large. The inverter relies on temperature-controlled forced air-cooling technology, integrated zone monitoring for online analysis and troubleshooting. It is compatible with the DC-coupling energy storage system, enabling 60% of the rated power charge from grid.

Sungrow brings new portfolio for energy storage segment as well, including the Power Conversion System (PCS) SC3150UD which allows a wide DC voltage operation range among 700-1500Vdc. It comes with a high overall protection capability of IP65 and an anti-corrosion level of C5, ideal for installations in coastal areas.

Over 1 GW Deployed in South Korea

With the local branch established two years ago, Sungrow has over 1 GW of its inverter solutions deployed in South Korea as of June 2020, showing the leading position in the emerging Asian solar hub. Landmark projects where Sungrow supplied include a newly operational 93 MW solar plant in Yeongam, which is one out of the only two projects of approximate 100 MW capacity in the country, and is expected to produce 120 GWh per year.

“South Korea is a vibrant solar market and Sungrow is boosting efforts to prop up local decarbonization ambitions and surging demands. As a pivotal player with a comprehensive local team offering technical support, sales and after-sale service, we’ll keep bringing forth innovations that are compatible with local grid codes and addressing diverse applications with lower LCOE,  despite the changing landscape and current coronavirus situation,” commented Hoseob Kim, Country Manager of Sungrow Korea.