Sungrow Inverter Won BDEW Certificate Once Again

Recently, Sungrow’s 20kW and 30kW PV inverters obtained the certificate of German medium-voltage grid directive(BDEW) once again. Three months after its acquirement of the first BDEW certificate for 15kW inverter, Sungrow’s all medium power inverters in European market have successfully attained BDEW certificate.

Sungrow SG20KTL and SG30KTL medium power PV grid-connected inverters are both launched this year. By virtue of its outstanding performance indicators and parameters, SG20KTL attained TÜV, CE, ENEL-GUIDA and CGC certificates once it’s been released. And SG30KTL applies to commercial roof and ground mounted power station owing to its higher single-machine power and lighter weight, which reduces the system cost for possibility of installation and maintenance without lifting machine. And with the 30kW rated power, SG30KTL is one of the transformerless products of maximum capacity in the present low and medium power inverter market, it will greatly improve the flexibility and cost performance of system design and access.

Depending on strong R&D team, advanced technology and equipment, Sungrow continuously launched new products in global market and successfully passed all rigid tests. This demonstrates the profound technology accumulation and R&D capability of Sungrow as a leading PV inverter manufacturer, and backup Sungrow’s way to the leading brand in the international renewable energy power supply industry.

It’s known that BDEW is a certification standard announced by German government in 2011, mainly focuses on the performance test of inverters connected to the medium-voltage grid, it contains actual operation tests and simulation based requirements. This certificate can only be obtained by the product conforms all the provisions. From March 1st of 2012, BDEW was fully enforced to ensure the stability of grid dispatching and various control. So far, there’s just a few of Euramerican inverter manufacturers had obtained BDEW certificate other than Sungrow.


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